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Disco Biscuits + STS9 + Particle + Kung Fu + Digital Tape Machine = Stratosphere All Stars


The supergroup known as Stratosphere All Stars performed at an intimate venue in South Florida last night called The Funky Biscuit. The band just formed this year, but they sound like they’ve been playing together much longer due to their familiar sound. If you’re a fan the Disco Biscuits, STS9, Particle, Kung Fu, or Digital Tape Machine, then you will like this band because it is comprised of former or current artists from those outfits.

The Funky Biscuit is a smaller venue, but provides an amazing concert atmosphere. It’s half bar/restaurant and half concert venue, with a small, 3-foot stage and nothing blocking the crowd from getting right up against it and dancing close to the band. The crowd was especially excited since most of them have probably been fans of the musicians for years just not in this particular band. On drums is Allen Aucoin from the Disco Biscuits, keys were tag-teamed by both Steve Molitz from Particle and Todd Stoops, formerly in Kung Fu. The bass player is the familiar David Murphy formerly of STS9. Standing front and center shredding guitar is Marcus Rezak from Digital Tape Machine. The band had an amazing female vocalist with captivating energy sing with them last night. I didn’t catch her name but hopefully someone reading this will know who it is and let me know.


The opening song had elements from all the members alternative or former bands. It was like a STS9, Biscuits, Particle mash-up which was a little bit of a mind-fuck in the coolest possible way. They got the crowd continuously hyped all night with the variety of covers, including (in order), Zhu’s “Cocaine Model,”, Graetful Dead’s “Shakedown Street,” David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance,” Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” and Disclosure’s “White Noise.” Those covers mixed with some originals and some serious solo-shredding from keys, guitar, and drums made for a very impressive set.



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