DubCulture: Top 10 Picks for Holiday Gifts

Dub the Halls with us at DubEra! We’ve picked out our top ten gifts for this Holiday Season. If you still have gifts to give, or just want to read about 10 really cool gift ideas this holiday season, then you’re in the right place. They aren’t in any specific order, just 10 seriously cool gifts.

1. Juice Pack Phone Charger

Why: The mophie juice pack air® rechargeable battery case virtually doubles the battery on your iPhone 4/4S. When you’re out at concerts and festivals, charge up your phone case beforehand and when your phone gets down to 10%, turn on the case and it will bring your phone back to 80% battery! This is a great gift for anyone who frequently has a dead phone at concerts, and I think we all know someone like that!

2. Black Milk Leggings

Why: These leggings are all the rage right now. Getting a pair for your best friend or girlfriend will guarantee you on the “Nice List” this holiday season.

* Free Shipping on Black Milk Leggings in December!

3. Spirit Hoods:

Why: 1. They are awesome and can transform any concert goer into their favorite animal. 2. They are warm and great for the winter holidays. 3. They have secret pockets great for any party favors.

* Free Overnight Shipping on Spirit Hoods in the month of December!

4. ENO Hammock

Why: What is better than chillin’ in a hammock on a breezy afternoon or before a night of music at a festival? Nothing. These hammocks are the best of the best and guarantee relaxation wherever they are set up.

5. Vinyl Record Player

Why: Giving the gift of a hobby is a great idea. Collecting records and listening to vinyl presses of your favorite albums is a really great gift to give someone. I’ve always wanted to get into Vinyls and collecting, so I think this gift idea would be awesome and creative for any friend who loves music.

6. LED Hula Hoop and Poi

Why: Hula Hoops are awesome. Hula Hoops that light up at night: mega-awesome. These hoops are expensive but they make a great gift. The LED Poi is also an awesome gift, sure to please the receiver and their friends and festival neighbors.

7. Conscious Alliance Posters

Why: Giving a gift that also gives back is a great feeling. Buying a poster from Conscious Alliance helps hunger relief, and not to mention their posters make great decorations for any room in your house.

8. Festival Tickets

Why: Because giving someone a ticket to the time of their life is the best gift you could give.

Aura Music and Arts Festival, Buku Music Project, and Hang Out Music Festival tickets are all on sale now.

9. Camping Supplies

Why: Everyone wants to be the ultimate festival survivor. Giving gifts such as a camping stove, a LED Camping Lantern, headlamps, and more will ensure that their camping experience will be that much better at the next festival.

10. Portable BoomBox/Speakers

Why: Bringing music wherever you go is clutch. Giving the gift of portable music to bring to the camp site of a festival, on the beach, or at the park is always a great idea.