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DubEra Exclusive: Observing Papadosio

If you follow the blog, you saw that DubEra was raging the Aura Music Festival early March. In addition to taking photos, we also had the pleasure of asking Zoogma and Papadosio some questions regarding Aura, influences and song structure. Check it out below!

DubEra: First off introduce yourself to the readers. What is your name and what is your role in Papadosio?

Sam – my name is sam brouse, i play piano and sing.  Billy, my brother plays synthesizers and sings.

D: The Aura Festival was an awesome experience, but rain really plagued the last day. How do you think the weather affected your second set?

S: I honestly didnt think it affected it. it had stopped raining by the time we started i think, if anything the break in the weather got people pumped.

D: The first set you guys were in between a double Brothers Past set and Zoogma, both really strong acts. How do you feel about being sandwiched in between such great bands? Does it have any affect on the set you guys decide to play?  

S: It makes us put alot of pressure on ourselves to sound different.  In a scene that is so saturated it is easy to sound the same, so we have to be very conscious of what we are playing and how we are presenting ourselves.

D: I’m a really big fan of the Observations album, which released a few years ago. The LP has both instrumental jams and songs with singing parts. Detail the writing process that goes in to an LP where the songs don’t have a uniform structure. 

S: All of our songs have uniform structures for the most part.  People think we are a jam band or an improv band, but we take alot of time to orchestrate what is going on…unless it is a part where we say “ok now we are gonna make some stuff up”

D: Electronic music is blowing up around the USA. You guys have some electronic elements to your music, but definitely keep it more organic than what’s gaining a ton of popularity right now. How do you feel about the explosion of DJ culture and electronic music in the states? 

S: DJ’s are huge all around the world, but i think it is stupid that bands are trying to sound like DJs in order to gain popularity.  People everywhere need to re-evaluate what music is and take responsibility for what they support. Bands who are trying to perform music get overlooked because people think that DJs are more impressive, im really confused by it.

D: What bands are the most influential to what you guys are doing right now? Both new and old are fine. 

S: Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Tool

Take the readers through your summer plans. Tour dates, festivals, maybe recording sessions… what do you guys have planned?

S: This summer is all about geographic diversity.  Last summer we played at least one festival every weekend, this summer we are spreading out a little more and playing some festivals in the west. In between the festivals we really need to buckle down and finish this monster of an album.

D: At Aura one thing that really stuck to me was when a band member said that the reason we are all together at the festival is to bring the positive vibes to the outside world. “This is just conditioning” he said. Elaborate on what that means to you personally. 

 S: I think in the years to come its going to be increasingly more important to be able to come together and think together and share common goals in order to clean up this mess we have made on the planet

D: Art and visuals was a huge part of your set as well. Describe how it feels to be playing while 15 artists are in the barricade painting away. 

Billy: I really dig it, express yourself ya know. Some people play music, others paint, others dance, everybody wins.


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