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DubEra Update: Snowball Day 2 Recap


Well…… Day two definitely matched up to day one no problem! Hands down Snoop just rocked the festival scene to the core and will be around in the near future for sure!! The lineup was just as epic for day 2 as day 1. Scope out what our day entailed!

Our second day kicked off with Cherub! A very fun performance in the Ball Room to get everyone warmed up. We interviewed these guys too and will have that up soon. Big shouts to Cherub for showin love!

The second stop of the day was Figure. He unleashed an early thunderstorm of bass on the Groove tent! He definitely got the heat crankin with his set. Never seeing Figure before I was blown away by the energy he brought.

Our third set of the day, and a personal favorite as always, was Break Science. They brought Chali 2na from Jurassic 5 to throw down on their set with them which was fantastic! They had the Groove Tent rockin hard! From Charli 2na collabs, to Monolith Code tracks, to brand new unreleased tracks; Break Science RIPPED it!

Dillon Francis took the stage for the following performance. Girls were screeching before he even started playing! With a big loyal following, Dillon Francis sets are always a party and full of energy. A great time for sure!

The Kooks put on a very cool performance on the main stage. They were full of energy and rockin out! I love live instruments so it’s always nice to see people get down on the guitar still!

The sleeper of the day was Paul Basic. Anyone who skipped out on that set, I am sorry. Part of the Pretty Lights Music team, Paul Basic gets down! An excellent set in the Heat Hut yesterday!

As usual, you can count on Dada Life to bring the party. With their trademark inflatable champagne bottles, bananas, and overwhelming energy, Dada Life has a backing of loyal fans faithfully waiting up front every time!

I honestly forgot how awesome TV on the Radio was until they came on and started killing it! Plesently surprising and a very enjoyable set. After they moved everyone out of the photo pit I couldn’t help but hang out and jam a couple more songs. TV on the Radio held it down on the Main Stage!

The craziness began when Ghostland Observatory started…… They don’t tune their instruments before going on stage, they tune lazers. Ghostland annihilated the Groove Tent and sent lasers blasting out onto the mountains! The lead singer has a new hair cut and was a dancing machine thanks to the new lack of hair. The Texas cape was out killin it as always too!

Closing out the day with a absolutely epic performance was Snoop Dogg. He exceeded my expectations 10 times over! Snoop has every fest lover singing at the top of their lungs last night and jumpin around! Snoop compiled the perfect festival set and brought plenty of lights to match up with it. Amazing, amazing set. Period! I wouldn’t have wanted to end day 2 any other way! SNOOOOOOOOOOP D O Double G!

Full albums and recap video coming soon!

Day 3 with Bassnectar is next………..


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