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Electric Forest Countdown: Bassnectar on Button-Pushing

Bassnectar posted a blog entry “Pushing Buttons and Pushing Boundaries to put in his 2 cents on the drama over the last week involving Paris Hilton, deadmau5 and the world’s countless social media posts. As EDM because more and more popular, the sell outs and the underground are beginning to clash in a few ways. The focus recently has been on the live performance of DJs. Does David Guetta really just push play? What exactly is going on up there anyways?

We’re huge fans of the Bass God here at DubEra and are happy he addressed the situation. Anyone who follows him on FaceBook, twitter, or has watched interviews knows how intelligent, insightful and level-headed Lorin can be. He isn’t taking shots or calling anyone out, just providing some great positive insight. Here is an excerpt of the post, but you can check out the entire thing on his official website.

Personally, i have a really technical style of DJing, and a very aggressive/interactive approach to playing a set: i like to get my hands dirty, take risks, and steer people on a powerful journey. I am constantly pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, expanding the boundaries of how to make people freak out and lose their minds. I work 20+ hours every week of the year on new content, new effects and new techniques. I view DJing as an art, and quite frankly as an honor, to perform for a captive audience in a world of short attention spans and overstimulation. During a set I work nonstop, frantically combining unlimited loops & sounds & samples & effects into customized “live remixes” . I also get the fuck down, I let myself dance and enjoy the music the same way I do when I am at home working in the studio: i LOVE music, and I have been producing, remixing, sampling, synthesizing, creating, and DJing for over 15 years. Most people love music, I think. But a lot of today’s DJs are getting by with the bare minimum, and there is a lot of confusion about what is really going on. Are DJs just “pressing play”? What does that mean? Is it bad? To really understand the hot topic of “button pushing” let’s get clear about several things: 1. What is the definition of a “DJ”? 2. The difference between “mixing” and “selecting” 3. What is happening up on stage during a DJ set? 4. What is “live” VS a “live experience”? 5. What is all the fuss about?

He goes in to much more detail and answers those questions in the full article.

As you may know, we are covering the Electric Forest Festival in a beautiful forest in Michigan starting tomorrow. Bassnectar will be closing out the mainstage from 11-1230 on Sunday and we couldn’t be more excited for it.  He will undoubtably wreck it and seeing him at Camp Bisco just a few weeks after will only sweeten the pot.

Some of my favorite ‘Nectar cuts…


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