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Electric Forest Countdown: BORGORE

Asaf Borger (born October 20, 1987), known professionally as Borgore, is an Israelidubstepproducer and disc jockey (DJ). He is the founder of Buygore Records[2] and former drummer of Israeli death metal band Shabira.[3] He is also part of the dubstep duo Alphamale Primates, which consists of him and Tomba.[4] Self-described as “Gorestep”, his music incorporates triplet drum patterns with heavy metal influences.[2] Some songs have been compared to horror movies, farm animals, and sex.[5] He has released tracks under Mad Decent and Sumerian Records.


If you don’t know Borgore and his brand of super dirty dubstep, it may be time to get acquainted. Whether it’s grimey bass beats or tongue-in-cheek raps about doing your sister in the ass, he brings a whole new definition to the word “filthy”. His persona, along with his accent and misogynistic attitude, make him one of the funniest characters in the EDM world. Borgore will help to get things rolling on Thursday at Electric Forest, playing the 8:30-9:45 slot in the Ranch Area. He’s equiped with new visuals that look awesome (see below). You won’t want to miss this set.

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