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Electric Forest Preview: Polish Ambassador releases “Ecozoic” – brand new double a


The day is here! I received an e-mail with the full double-album a few weeks ago and it has been so hard to keep it a secret. The Polish Ambassador has been releasing the album tune-by-tune under the assumption that it was a 10-song LP. Today he announced that it is in fact a full, 21-song, double-LP for FREE to all of his fans. What an awesome surprise, right?

What shouldn’t be surprising is that The Polish Ambassador continues to craft his work in a continuously evolving manner. The last release, Superpowers was the Karma-Sutra of electronica, providing a sexy, bubbly landscape of glitch-hop style beats for everyone to rage make love to. Ecozoic picks up where Superpowers left off, and has a more diverse soundscape within the double-album’s worth of material.

The first thing I love about the Polish Ambassador’s music, and this is a little bit of an oxymoron, is it’s organic feel. Something about his sound bank, his song-writing style, the instruments and the melodies bring this electronic music alive. The songs are long (6+ minutes for most), but these important attributes keep the tunes fresh and exciting.

The best tunes on the album, in my humble opinion, are the island-flavoed, electronic reggae offerings. “Two and a Half Moons Away,” “Journey to the Center of Jah,” and “Dready Monk” are some of the most interesting tunes I’ve heard all year. The best part is how easy it is for you to go ahead and listen to those and download them for free. All you have to do is click, right here.


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