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Electric Forest Releases Set Times! Two-Day Passes Now Available!

The best / worst part of preparing for a festival is deciding who you’re going to get to see and inevitably miss as a result. I mean, if ever there was a time where being in two places at one time it would be at a music festival. With a line up like Electric Forest’s, you are sure to make and miss some memorable sets. The good news is that you have so many options that you can taylor your schedule based on mood and friends.

The hardest decisions for me are Borgore vs. Conspirator, Thievery Corporation vs. STS9, Bassnectar vs. STS9, and Mim0sa vs. String Cheese. The good news is given the length of Tribe and Cheesy sets, it shouldnt be too hard to wander away for a little bit and catch another act. Cheese is playing for 4 hours 3 nights in a row which is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever conceptualized. Brilliant.

Additionally, Electric Forest has made available a limited amount of Saturday/Sunday two day passes. If you don’t think you can get cheesy for 3-4 days straight, but still want a taste of the festival experience you should jump on that! You’ll still get an unreal amount of live performances in and I’m positive you will have the best two days of your life.


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