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EVENT PREVIEW: Breach in the Big Apple

I may not be able to make it to Miami for Winter Music Conference this year, but at least I’ll get some “Jack” in my life this Friday at Webster Music Hall.

That’s right, people, Breach is coming to the City and I couldn’t be more stoked.

His single “Jack,” released on Dirtybird Records, was arguably one of the most played songs of WMC last year, and my personal anthem from the monumental week. As soon as that classic bass line drops, it’s an instant crowd pleaser.

Just recently, it was also announced that fellow Dirtybirds Worthy and Christian Martin will be joining in for an epic night of deep house funk.

Fresh from the annual Dirtybird BBQ, we can only hope this trio brings a little bit of the Miami heat with them.

You can snag advanced tickets here.


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