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EVENT PREVIEW: Paper Diamond Releases New Music for Rain Drops Tour


“Just finished sound check and holy sh*t it sounds insane in here!! The bass rig we brought on this tour is NEXT LEVEL!! Straight up feels like a festival in here” Paper Diamond after testing the sound system for his new tour

Paper D said he’s about to “switch it up” and start the Rain Drops Tour this week. I’m not sure what “switch it up” means but I’m assuming it means he will be playing a lot more music like the sample pack of beats, loops, and ideas that he released on soundcloud the other day. A 21 song pack was released on Paper Diamond’s soundcloud last week and it has all sorts of different styles in it. I’ve seen a lot of evolving for Paper Diamond of the past few years. I’ve heard it all from the days when he was just Alex B making some hip hop sounding beats to his more recent releases on Mad Decent that are much more festival and EDM oriented. My favorite Paper Diamond stuff is his original EP on Pretty Lights Music titled “Levitate”. Some of the new songs on this playlist below sound a lot like songs from Levitate. “LEHGO” specifically sounds exactly like a song of the Levitate EP. We will see what the Rain Drops Tour has in store for us in Ft. Lauderdale at Revolution Live later this month. I expect a hefty about of trap running so it will be a good time for all who attend.

Here is the full tour schedule:

paper diamond tour


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