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EVENT PREVIEW: PillowTalk & No Regular Play Bring Live Performances to Verboten [Brooklyn, NY]

A couple of my favorite electronic music acts are coming to Brooklyn this Friday. I’ll be quite honest when I say that Crew Love is the true love, so when any of the Wolf + Lamb / Soul Clap cats get together, you know it’s going to be a lovefest.

I discovered the jazz-influenced No Regular Play at Electric Forest last year, and regard them as my favorite new act of that festival. The trumpet-infused house music brings alive a very unique vibe that is removed from club culture, currently. It keeps things fun and vibrant, and in an urban wasteland like Brooklyn, that’s a nice escape.

PillowTalk is a little more 80s synth, bringing the new wave vibe to the club scene. These guys certainly impressed at the Marcy Hotel Boiler Room we attended, and so I’m stoked to see how they do with a bigger crowd, bigger sound-system on a bigger stage.

You can scoop your tickets for just $20 by clicking here. That’s a bargain if I’ve ever seen one, especially here in the Big [expensive] Apple.


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