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EVENT PREVIEW: Porter Robinson Coming to Florida on Fire

Releasing a new album, performing on Carson Daily, and announcing a headlining slot for SnowGlobe Festival over New Years Eve are just a few of the things that Porter Robinson has been up to lately. He’s on fire! Judging by this photo from one of his Worlds North American Tour stops, he’s literally on fire.

porter robinson

He will be closing out a serious string of shows in the sunshine state. Mr. Robinson has 4 shows in Florida starting in Tally and ending in Miami. This isn’t a raving edm tour so don’t buy tickets expecting that. Porter has made it very clear this tour is about getting a chance to play his music and perform it the way he wants. It’s supposed to be a live musical experience, not a rave. He’s working up there. It’s still seems like a party however. Check out his video from Carson Daily to get a better feel for it.

The new album “Worlds” has been getting a lot of great publicity and I can’t wait to see how it’s portrayed live. Get your tickets here and check the tour dates below.

porter tour


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