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EVENT PREVIEW: Roosevelt Collier Trio + Grateful Dead Tribute Night in Miami

roosevelt grateful dead night

A bar in downtown Miami by the name of Railroad Blues holds a tribute to the Grateful Dead every Saturday night with different musicians putting their spin on it each week. This week we will be blessed with The Roosevelt Collier Trio and Lather Up!, a side project of The Heavy Pets. Roosevelt has roots here in Miami so it’s always a great time when he performs on home turf.

In addition to that, Railroad Blues is a really fun venue with multiple bar areas both inside and outside, accompanied by a small intimate stage in the very back. I’m excited to see both Lather Up! and Roosevelt perform on the same night because last time The Heavy Pets were in South Florida they performed an amazing set with Roosevelt (picture below). I’ve been hoping to get another chance to witness that collab. This Saturday offers just that. Check out the full event page here for more info & tix. See you Saturday night for some good ol’ guitar shredding!

Roosevelt performing with The Heavy Pets on their Christmas Jam tour. Check the full photo album here.

roosevelt and heavy pets


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