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EVENT PREVIEW: Tycho making a stop at The Boulder Theater


This Thursday, September 18th, Tycho will make a stop in the Rockies as they come to throw down at The Boulder Theatre.

The down-tempo live electronic group was created by Scott Hansen, who preforms on synth, guitar, and controls visuals. Playing with him are Zac Brown (no, not THAT Zac Brown) on Bass, Rory O’Connor on drums, and Joe Davancens on keys.

Tycho’s music is an array of blissful sounds calmly finding their way in through your ears and settling so effortlessly into your heart. Touring off of the new album Awake Tycho has been touring hard all across the United States and soon after this weeks show will be heading over seas to tour parts of Europe. This is not a show to miss for the folks out on the Front Range.


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