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EVENT REVIEW: Dusky @ Output (Brooklyn, NY)

dusky output

Dusky graced Output’s Funktion One soundsystem the other night, bringing techy deep-house to Brooklyn’s hotspot. Warming up with a series of instrumental and simpler tracks, the duo set the pace for a two hour set. The crowd was held captive as the house beats pumped through their bodies.

Output is so damn loud, you can’t not dance. I was honestly exhausted, but you just can’t help it. The bass literally will knock your ass over, so the least you can do is pretend like your stumble is a part of your two-step.

The craft in their tracks is second to none. “Rise For Love” was one of those tracks that segued perfectly from its minimal beginnings in to the soulful vocals that send goosebumps up your body.

Even a loungey beginning like their remix to Cloud 9’s “Do You Want Me Baby” leads way in to vintage garage with a new-age bassline. These guys got a tired Me up and out of the house at 2am without a single regret. They completely built me up from the ground and gave me my third wind of the night, reaffirming their place as top DJs in my book.


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