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Feed Me – Escape From Electric Mountain (Review)


Feed Me released his new EP a few days ago on mau5trap records (Skrillex, Excision, Moguai, Sofi, Deadmau5). If you’ve ever seen Feed Me spin then you are familiar with his creative blend of electro and dubstep. This EP follows the same formula as his live shows and past releases as the producer blazes through a frenzy of the aforementioned genres.

The EP starts with “Trapdoor” featuring Hadouken, an energetic dubstep tune with what sounds almost like live drums. The Hardcore yelling by Hadouken is almost like a mosh call and brings the song a lot of energy. As the dubstep ends, we’re greeted with a trancey introduction to the track “Relocation”. This ambient electro tune serves as a great switch up and brings out a style we’ve never really seen Feed Me produce with. The most interesting thing is the breakdown at the end which uses the same melody as “Blood Red” off of the Big Adventure EP. It’s as if he constructed the track as a prequel to the epic dubstep tune.

Following “Relocation” is “One Click Headshot”, Feed Me’s moombahton track. If you’re familiar with the moombahcore then that bouncy beat and bad ass bass should sound familiar. Next up is “Embers” featuring Lindsay who sings a few lines at the end there. This track is similar to “Relocation” in that it isn’t too crazy, kind of ambient and chill at the beginning and chill at parts. “Trichitillomania” is the track most similar to his past electro works, but still feels stripped down (not in a bad way… sometimes less is more).

The EP ends with the bangin’ dubstep tune “Whiskers” which is a collab with another one of my favorite dubstep producers Gemini (“Oxygen”, “Blue”, “Miami 2 Ibiza” (Remix)). This tune will surely get played around by dubstep DJs all over. This is exactly the tune you should expect from two of dubstep’s top producers.

There are a couple tunes below, but be sure to support Feed Me & mau5trap by buying the album on BEATPORT

Feed Me – Relocation [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Feed Me – “One Click Headshot” [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Feed Me & Gemini – “Whiskers” [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


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