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FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Rolling Loud Festival – A Lit Weekend of Hip Hop in Downtown Miami

Rolling Loud 2017 Teaser #1 ROLLING LOUD 2017 TEASER #1 BY NASSER BOULAICH Posted by Rolling Loud Festival on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Kendrick, Future, Migos, Wayne, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, and so many more will be taking over the amphitheater in downtown Miami the weekend of May 5-7, 2017. With this many popular hip hop artists in one spot it’s sure to be an interesting weekend. Rolling Loud festival is back bigger than ever this year and it’s impressive how they manage to keep growing a strictly hip hop festival with no signs of slowing down.

You can be sure of a few things when attending the festival. Kendrick will drop some knowledge. Migos will make everyone go ape shit. There will be numerous underrated sets such as Joey Bada$$ and Curren$y. At least one rapper will sound terrible live (unfortunately that’s unavoidable at hip hop events). It is rumored that the “cash me outside” girl will be making an appearance as well. You can bet we are excited to get a photo of her! Hopefully the music talent will persuade you to attend more than she does.

Lots of the artists are dropping new music. Kendrick is randomly dropping stuff. Curren$y is steady releasing music. Joey Bada$$ just put out a new album that is very much American themed and thought provoking. Check out some new tunes below and get prepped for the fest. See you there!

New Kendrick – “Be Humble”

New Joey Bada$$ – ROCKABYE BABY

Kodak Black – Conscience


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