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FIND OF THE DAY: Clean Bandit and Their Awesome Music Videos.

Clean Bandit

I just discovered a group called Clean Bandit out of the UK last night. How I just now discovered them I’m not sure considering they are blowing up with youtube views and awesome music videos for about every track they release. Their music kicks ass too. I never really like music videos honestly. I make videos and I am a big hater on most music videos because they either lack a plot completely or they are just to much smoke and mirrors nonsense that holds no purpose. While the Clean Bandit videos don’t have much in depth plot technically. They do have characters that develop through the videos and hold my attention immaculately. Bravo to whoever is producing these. Check out two of the videos below and watch them all for yourself on the Clean Bandit Website.

Bonus Find: This remix of Clean Bandit’s new song “Rather Be” by Magician is a great tune as well.


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