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There are two things you need to know about Firefly Music Festival. One, this festival has pulled out every single stop for every person to enjoy their festival experience. And two, The Foo Fighters are back and better than ever.

The pre festivities on Thursday were perfect for Firefly-ers to get their bearings and the lay of the land. These 7 stages are no joke. The festival grounds of Firefly are huge for their 80,000 attendees, with different stages in different corners of the area. As you walk from act to act, you can stop by the Hammock Hangout, The Arcade, and the hundreds (seriously, hundreds) of different choices of food and beer.


Photo courtesy of Firefly

Most importantly, RAC and Local Natives cleared up the rainy day on Thursday; the perfect segue for the beautiful weather we had on Friday. Local Natives performed an awesome cover of Talking Heads “Warning Sign!”


Friday was all about good rock and roll. We watched Portugal, the Man, rock out at the Backyard Stage, then headed to the Firefly Main Stage to see the Arctic Monkeys and The Foo Fighters. We considered ourselves very lucky that we were able to have Alex Turner and Dave Grohl grace us with their presence.

After much pelvic thrusting and hand swinging, The Arctic Monkeys took a short pause from rocking and swooned us all as the sun went down with “I Wanna Be Yours.” Alex Turner demanded that the song was to restart after 30 seconds in to “get the mood just right.”

And finally, DAVE. Good god, Dave Grohl. The Foo Fighters were magical and their set was the perfect way to close out a hot day at Firefly. Much love for the Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins, who also sang vocals on a new track that the Fighters premiered for us. Before they ended their set, pre encore, The Foo Fighters gave us a slow jam of “Best of You” and stole all of our hearts. Right before he left the stage Dave let us all know that the Foo Fighters are back this year and they will be touring soon.

When the Foo Fighters came back for their encore, Dave said, “For the next 20 minutes, we’re a bar band called the Holy Sh–s that plays classic rock songs.” They proceeded to play Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out,” the Rolling Stones’ “Miss You,” Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love” and Queen’s “Under Pressure.” and closed out with the ultimate rock song, “Everlong.”

We’re really looking forward to Day 2 of Firefly! We’ll be catching Third Eye Blind, MS MR, Goldroom, Cage the Elephant, Tegan and Sara, Outkast and Pretty Lights!

Happy Firefly!




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