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(Pretty Lights – Image via Firefly Music Festival)

If day 1 of Firefly Festival was about rock n’ roll, than day 2 was all about DANCING.

As we stepped on to the festival grounds for the day, we knew we were in for a party. Nostalgia was in the air for Third Eye Blind and Goldroom got the crowd ready for the day. But Grouplove started the dance party right away on the main stage and even belted out a cover of Drunk In Love and closed out with their hits Tongue Tied and Colours. In addition, I now have a major girl crush on Hannah Hooper and her amazing style.


(Grouplove -Image via Firefly Music Festival)

 If Goldroom and Grouplove weren’t enough to put Fireflyers in the party mood, than Cage the Elephant certainly did. Those dudes are CRAZY in the best possible way. After their party on The Backyard, Tegan and Sara graced us with a load of songs of their album Hearthob and gave the major fans a beautiful acoustic version of Back In Your Head.


(Tegan & Sara – Image via Firefly Music Festival)

We caught a little bit of Sleigh Bells rocking “Rill Rill” but I was WAY too excited to check out Outkast for the second time this month. I also cannot believe that I was able to dance with 80,000 people to Hey Ya, Roses, GhettoMusick, So Fresh, So Clean and closed out with The Whole World. Good god, Andre 3000 and Big Boi really make you want to see them the rest of the summer and hit their Atlanta show in September. But the party didn’t stop there. All the Fireflyers and I then hustled on over to the other side of the festival to catch Pretty Lights breaking it DOWN with his lasers hitting the trees and Jeremy Salken of Big Gigantic on a few songs. Ending the night with Yellowbird was pure perfection.


(Andre 3000 – Image via Firefly Music Festival)

 Looking forward to closing out Firefly with some Ziggy Marley, Washed Out, Phantogram, Jack Johnson, Childish Gambino and Big G tonight! But first, we’ll be here.



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