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Flosstradamus – X☯ (Free Download)

The kings of trap are back with some more free tunes. Next time your friend thinks he’s clever and asks “Damn son, where’d you find this?” tell his ass at ‘cus we only come with the freshest, you know? Anyway, the Chicago-based (and banned) duo are back with another 3 tracks of their three-part six-track free EP. This time features collaboration tracks and although the out-of-house input might be hard to pinpoint at times, there are at least some cool new artists to check out for you new music seekers.

Stylistically, the 3 songs are similar to the last 3 they dropped. Lots of busy high hats and 808s. I’d like to see them respect space in the songs a lot more. I think the newer stuff is started to sound crammed, but you can be the judge of that.

Flosstradamus will be playing tonight at Ignition at Firestone Live. We gave away 6 tickets on our Facebook so if you missed out on that, you better step up your social media game. Can’t wait to write about the madness for  ya’ll!!

Download here:


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