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Forecastle Preview: DubEra’s 10 Must-See Sets in Louisville


With another really exciting weekend right around the corner, we’re breaking down the 10 sets we’re dying to see at Forecastle this weekend. Louisville, we’ll see ya soon!

Big Boi: The legendary Big Boi from Outkast always displays a nice mix of his solo material mixed in with classic verses from he and Andre 3000’s epic run. The artist, who’s real name is Antwon Patton, usually brings out some live instrumentation to spice up his old-school hip-hop swagger.

Boys Noize: With a new EP, Go Hard, and techno being the flavor of the month, it’s no wonder Boys Noize is booked for nearly every festival. Whether solo or with Skrillex as Dog Blood, Alexander Ridha, has managed to become a huge name at everything from EDC to Bonnaroo and even to the less-ravey Forecastle festival.

String Cheese Incident: You already know what it is. These guys are the illest. Cheesus Christ themselves. This weekend will be extra cheesy because we get 3 totally different SCI sets. The first is a regular festival time slot, the second is a late-night opera house gig (starting at midnight Saturday night), and the third is a bluegrass super jam with members of The Travelin’ McCoury’s and Leftover Salmon. Get Cheesy, I will…


Nosaj Thing: Just watch this video and pretend like you wouldn’t be excited to see what the dreamy, experimental Nosaj Thing has to offer during his set on Saturday.

Flaming Lips: As a friend of mine recently explained to me: the Flaming Lips is not a band, it’s a thing. And what a cool, interesting thing it is. As another friend explained it to me, “It’s the coolest band I’ve ever seen live.” Last time I saw these guys they covered Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety, so it will be cool when they have an entire set of their own to display their raw skills.

Black Keys: I feel like these dudes are one of the biggest rock bands around. I don’t love them. Shit, I can’t even name a song. But occasionally when I’m over at the coffee shop or whatever random restaurant and there’s a cool rock song on, shazaam tells me it’s the Black Keys. Pair that with a bunch of hype and some headlining festival slots and you have me intrigued.

Matt & Kim: After watching the Bonnaroo stream and hearing a bunch of hype, I have to finally see these crazy two. It isn’t like you make it a point to see Matt & Kim play their songs, but if the soiree they gather is as big and fun as I expect, it should make the top 10 sets of the weekend.

Robert Plant presents the Sensational Space Shifters: Robert Plant. Led Zeppelin. These names are absolutely synonymous with rock ‘n’ roll, music history and some of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard in my life. Seeing 1/4 of the almight Led Zeppelin is something I can definitely cross (a quarter of the way) off my bucket list. Also, I know for a fact that he plays a ton of Zeppelin so I’m really just hyped on that.

Animal Collective: They put Juicy J to shame! That cat ain’t trippy, these kids are! I’ve heard it’s a crazy cool show and I’m stoked to see what the fuss is about. Hopefully they play “My Girls” cause that song’s my jam.

Purity Ring: One thing I love about Purity Ring is they’re to-the-point. Short songs that don’t get drawn out. A simple, but cool, stage show. They get up, play their 45 minutes worth of music and leave you wanting more. That’s what great entertainers do, yeah?

***Honorary shout-outs go to our homies Wick-it The Instigator and Eliot Lipp, who are playing a late-night show after the festival Friday on a boat… that should be fun to say the least!***


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