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GroundUP Music Festival: Where The Music Matches the Weather [Review, Photos, Videos]

When Snarky Puppy announced their inaugural GroundUP Music Festival, it seemed as though they were aiming to create an event that was as much of an escape-from-winter as much as they were trying to invite their friends for a three day jam on some beach front property. They seriously succeeded at both of these things. What could possibly be as good as narrowly escaping a foot of NYC snow? Seeing Chris Thile jam on “Lingus (We Like It Here)” as the band raced to beat Sunday evening’s curfew.

What could be as good as sunbathing in February? Seeing musical performances from the likes of Esperanza Spalding, Charlie Hunter, John Medeski, David Crosby, Terence Blanchard, Pedrito Martinez, the extended Snarky Puppy family, and much more. On the beach.

Miami isn’t exactly known for being a jazz hub, but Snarky Puppy made it one for a few days this past week. The intimate vibe of the festival made each performance seem really special, and the ability to see these incredible talents up close was not something to take for granted.

Below you’ll find some photos (from our squad) and videos (from Cheesehead Productions) of the festival. We’re super excited that it was a well documented vacation, because it’s certainly one that we’ll want to relive over and over again….until next year!


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