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Hip Hop Spotlight

The last few weeks have been better than usual for the hip hop world. The big homie CT is gonna highlight what you missed if you aren’t up on your blog game.

Kanye West featuring Pusha T – New God Flow

I can’t not start this blog with the illest hip hop song I heard all year. From the Ghostface Killah sample to Yeezy goin’ old school flow on the “New God Flow”. If you haven’t heard this you gotta push play.

Wiz Khalifa featuring 2 Chainz – It’s Nothin’

Wiz enlists rap’s hypest act on this new single. You know what to expect from the collaboration: lots of weed smoke, catchy chorus and a slow bassy beat.

Nas featuring Amy Winehouse – Cherry Wine

Nas is putting out a new album July 17th and I’m excited as hell. If there’s one rapper who was absolutely slaying it in the 90’s and continues to do so, it is Nas. With the new single, he has the late Amy Winehouse on the chorus. Real smooth.

Frank Ocean – Sweet LIFE

Mr. Ocean has an album of his own coming out on July 17th. While it isn’t exactly hip-hop, most hip-hop heads dig a little R&B and this is too smooth to not throw in the mix. With a top-notch, live Jazz band feel to the production and Frank’s clean tones, this tune has more soul than most modern day “take yo’ panties off” jams.


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