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III Points Festival has be growing organically in the heart of the Wynwood/Miami arts district for years now. Despite hurricane scares and uncontrollable last minute schedule changes this year, they managed to produce a festival that was an urban playground for music and art lovers alike. We’re music snobs for lack of a better term so we focused heavily on the music all weekend. Here are our highlights from the weekend.

CHROME SPARKS (Live) Friday was a bit hectic due to schedule changes. Chrome Sparks set time got moved up earlier than expected but fans seemed to figure it out quickly. It’s been a few years since we’ve had the pleasure of seeing the live performance and WOW has it improved. The sound was spot on and Chrome Sparks played a magnificent set from start to finish that really took you on a music journey ending with high energy. This was the most surprising set of the weekend for us.

chrome sparks iii points

THIEVERY CORPORATION We always expect the best from Thievery, and they always deliver. Hands down our favorite set from the weekend. The collection of worldly sounds and styles that this group offers is completely unparalleled. Lead man Rob Garza is a wizard at bringing people together from different cultures to make beautiful music. When you sound as good or better live as you do on studio recordings then it speaks volumes about the amount of talent on stage. This group is nothing short of pure talent and makes you feel a peaceful bliss you have to experience for yourself.

thievery corp iii points

FLYING LOTUS This was our 3rd or 4th time seeing Flylo and no matter how many times you watch him perform he manages to lock you in with raw unfiltered emotion on stage. It looks like the music takes full control of his body movements. You can’t take your eyes off him. Even when he picks up the mic to talk for a second he keeps you captivated with witty and clever statements. Denzel Curry made an appearance during this set since he performed earlier in the evening. Instead of introducing Denzel and making a thing out of it, Flylo just picked up the mic and said “Man I want Denzel to come out here and do some shit”. That lead to positive crowd cheering and Denzel running on stage going straight into a song. Another high quality set from Flying Lotus.

flying lotus iii points

FLIGHT FACILITIES (Live) One of the final main stage headliners on Sunday was Flight Facilities. This was our first FF set and it was a better than expected. It’s easy to forget how many hits they have because so many DJs remix their music it’s hard to remember which songs are actually their songs. They hit us with all the classics and had live vocals the entire time. It was also one of the few main stage acts that shot off confetti (a major plus to us photographers).

ff confetti iii points

check out our full photo album from the weekend HERE


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