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ill.Gates & Sir CharLes transform Tampa’s GBar

Last Thursday ill.Gates and Florida’s own Sir CharLes stepped into a small bar in Ybor known as GBar. On the usual night, this bar is known for its gay pride, however this night attracted people of all orientations. Music doesn’t discriminate here.

After some local openers, Charles took the stage full force, charging the crowd with his thunderstorm of glitch/trap/hip hop mashed dance tracks. If you’ve never heard of him you’re most likely not from Florida. Check out some of his tracks below and be on the lookout for his current TOUR.

Next up to the plate, the one and only ill.Gates. Many of you are familiar with his Bassnectar collabs on tracks such as “Probable Cause” and “Do Like This,” but he has an arsenal all his own, as well. He proceeded to drop a load of his own heavy hitting production to finish out a great night of music. (If you’re unfamiliar, scope it out RIGHT HERE and snag some free downloads)

From gay bar to rage bar, GBar held it down!


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