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Imagine Festival’s 5 Most Anticipated Sets


Imagine Festival will give a plethora of electronic music artists some southern hospitality in Atlanta this weekend. Headlined by Destroid and Fedde Le Grand, the festival has plenty of big name talent to offer without a TomorrowWorld-level price tag. Let’s take a look at the five sets we’re looking forward to most at the festival.



Minnesota has been one of DubEra’s favorite electronic acts to catch for quite some time. After interviewing him at IMPULSE two years ago, he proved he was also one of the most down human beings on earth, and definitely one of the most humble in the world of successful DJs.

A lot happened that night, and it ended with some vomit produced by yours truly, but that’s not what’s most important. What is important is that Minnesota is leaving the playa early this year to party with Atlanta at Imagine Festival. Peep his newest release, a sonic journey through space via silky smooth soundscapes, below.


Emancipator Ensemble

Emancipator makes some of the most beautiful music known to man…or this man anyways. Add in some live musicians to push the depth of the music past the realm of a laptop, and you have a highly anticipated live show in front of a rowdy ATL audience. This one should be special.


Simon Posford’s DJ sets are a zaney adventure. He can spoon-feed psytrance to a crowd without them fully grasping what the hell is going on, which makes for a cool experience. It may not be quite as cool as the live show, but it’s going to be one massive, freaky, party.


Rusko & Caspa

I’m pairing these two together because of their infamous Fabriclive mix they did b2b years ago. That mix was a massive jumpstart for dubstep, which eventually turned in to it getting a little too big for its own good. This is purely speculation, but maybe these two can go b2b for old time’s sake this weekend and recreate some of that old-school dubstep magic like they did in the mix below.

paper diamond

Paper Diamond

Alex B has been working on all sorts of new joints lately. From collabs with the Big Tymers to chill hip-hop stoner beats, this guy has a chokehold on the entire spectrum of beat music. Some time off from touring will hopefully yield an exciting, new, live show, which is what I’m expecting him to bring to Imagine Festival.


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