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Interview with Lettuce Bassist Erick “Jesus” Coomes

Earlier this week we brought you an interview with Adam Deitch of Lettuce regarding the band’s involvement with this year’s Bear Creek Music & Arts Festival. Now Erick Coomes, also known as Lil Baby Jesus, weighs in on the discussion with some humorous tones. Check it out! First off, introduce yourself. What is your name and position in the band?

Erick Coomes: Whatup, its your friend (Lil Baby) Jesus, bassist/lead-vibe of the super-powered intergalactic funk band Lettuce . Welcome to the rage ! How did the Berklee College of Music influence the band?

Erick: We met at the best music school in the world, Berklee College of Music. Being around the campus of the school is a total immersion into the study of music and a meeting grounds for those individuals doing so. Tell the story behind “Let Us Play.”

Erick: We were known to pull massive takeovers (rasta voice) on a regular basis. We would do it politely but we were gonna take your stage if it sucked and we were there 🙂 it was always outta love. Who had the idea to cover Curtis Mayfields “Move on Up?”

Erick: Kanye West thought of the idea to cover Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up.” I hope you’ve heard that, it’s called “Touch The Sky.” We did it shortly after he sampled it for that record; I really like our versions, both the album and live. On the album it’s Dwele and live Nigel Hall crushes it. What is your relationship with the Royal Family?

Erick: When we first started chillin and creating improvisational music together, it was effortless and fun, which created an extremely powerful connection between us; and henceforth created a new being, the mega-squad high powered funk band you know today. What can we expect from the Royal Family Affair at Bear Creek?

Erick: What can you expect from Lettuce at the Bear Creek Music and Arts festival? … Expect Miracles. As a performer, what sets Bear Creek apart from other festivals?

Erick: Bear Creek is set apart from other festivals for me because of the immense love I feel when I am standing in the Spirit of the Suwannee Park and feeling the energy of the people that are there and the vibe of the trees and land. Bear Creek has an excellency standard that is unique to them, they “go the extra mile” to make sure the quality of music and art that you experience at the park go beyond all of our expectations every year. Which makes all of the smiles on our faces that much bigger every year. What is next for Lettuce?

Erick: Next for Lettuce is the same as it is every day Pinky … Try to take over the world.


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