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Purple Hatters Preview: MZG Interview [Twins, Boots with the Fur, & Silkie Chickens]

The annual Purple Hatters Ball is approaching once again. This year it will be held June 17-19, 2016 in Spirit of Suwannee Music Park. Purple Hatters creates a family vibe that is impossible to replicate. The fest is held in honor of Rachel Morningstar and lots of Florida locals perform and attend in her memory. She is indeed the star of the festival.

This year our two favorite twins will be bringing a new performance to the fest. Zach and Charles Weinert will be debuting MZG Live featuring Allen Aucoin, the drummer from the Disco Biscuits. (MZG stands for Monozygotic, btw.)

Many of you know the twins from their other projects such as Greenhouse Lounge and Sir Charles. It’s exciting to see them teaming up for a brand new live set. We asked them a couple questions in preparation for the fest. Check out the interview below and be sure to catch their set on Saturday night on the Campground Stage.


Zach (Left) & Charles (Right)

How many Purple hatters have you been to/ performed at? 6

Which brother is faster? Zach

What pushed you guys into the idea of doing a live set? Creativity and the urge to play instruments

What exactly is MZG live? Describe the setup you will be bringing. Zach on guitar and samples. Charles on keys and samples. We use Ableton link to match up our computer’s clocks so that we can improvise more and always be on time with what we are playing.

Did you create any new music for the live set or just evolve previous tunes? Yes we did, plenty of new music and old refurbished ones as well

Is this just a one time thing or do you guys plan to try and make it a regular thing? Us performing with instruments will be the mainstay. We aren’t letting go of Dj sets but we are pushing our selves musically which is why we are making the switch.


Does being twins make it easier or harder to perform together? Easier, that kind of goes without saying

Which artist are you guys excited to see at Purp Hatters this year? Papadosio, Earphunk and Melvin Seal and JGB for starters. The rest of the line up is insanely talented and we are excited to see them as well.

Best shoes to wear on stage? Boots with the fur and/or bare foot

Favorite animal? Silkie Chicken, yes it’s a real animal

silkie chickens

silkie chickens

Anything else you want to say or plug? We are excited for this new chapter with MZG and TYBG (thank you based god) for the positivity!


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