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Introducing #FanEra


We have some great fans who do some really amazing things. From attending concerts around the globe, to creating rage sticks to flaunt at music festivals, the DubEra fans are some of the most creative people we know. We love seeing what you’re up to and are developing a #hashtag to do just that.

When uploading images on Instagram, use #FanEra to show us what you’re up to. What shows you’re at, what outfits you’re wearing, any cool photography, etc. We don’t mind, go hammer-time with it! You’re pictures will show up on our Facebook under the “Instagram Feed” tab on our Facebook. It’s a fun and interactive way to see what this incredible community of fest-heads, music-junkies and interesting people are up to!

We’ll also be posting a “#FanEra Photo of the Week,” each Sunday and we’re toying around with the idea of giving some free Swag to those who win. So if you’d like to see your photo on the site, now you know how!

#fanera #forthefans #contest #DubEra #share #pictures #dubera #shareyoumemorys #instagram

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