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Lady Gaga Does Naked Meditation and Zedd Produces Her New Song


Well, I never thought I would be posting about Lady Gaga. I’m definitely not the biggest fan but lately she has been wearing no clothes, instead of way too many crazy ones, so she has been more tolerable. The new track which I believe is titled “Aqua” was produced by Zedd (Which is obvious when you hear the track). It’s definitely not the best thing I’ve ever heard. I’ll just say that. Dancing Astronaut has a sample of the track and some more info on the upcoming album which is supposedly a double disk and the second half is produced by Infected Mushroom. Who knows. I wouldn’t put it past Gaga to work up some stuff like that though.

Also, Gaga is now doing some naked meditation tactics to help out a kickstarter campaign. Check the video

Still don’t think I’ll be snagging the new album but I may listen to more tracks than I intended if Infected Mushroom is involved. Keep eyes and ears open for that.



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