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LEGEND | REMIXED: Pretty Lights and More to Remix Bob.


Really really excited for this project if it goes the way I think it will. As Pretty Lights put it earlier when he announced he was going to be doing a remix on this upcoming album,

— “When I was first told about the Legend remix project, I had the same initial reaction that A LOT of people had. Why? It’s called Legend for a very good reason. I thought about it, and I knew that with this remix, it wasn’t about making a better version of the song… Impossible in my opinion. It was about making a new version that completely respected and the original song, while putting a new twist on it that would assist in continuing the Legacy of Bob Marley, opening up the song to audiences that, tho its hard to believe, don’t know about Bob Marley or aren’t familiar with the amazing human that he was and is.

I am honored to have been part of this project and I approached the remix with the utmost respect. I wanted to use the opportunity to show a younger generation where ‘dub’ actually comes from while maintaining the meaning of the track I remixed and Bob Marley’s vision.” –Derek

Universal Music Group teamed up with Hyundai to back the project. The album drops June 25th and will host an array of artist, including Stephen Marley, remixing the legendary tracks that we have all come to love from Bob. PL put it pretty well I just hope everyone else brings the same attitude to the table when approaching such legendary music.

You may be familiar with the Stephen Marley remix featured in a new Hyundai commercial. You will know recognize it in the video below probably. Check the making of the remix below. Looks like its gonna be a really cool project. They sure have the right setting for the making of it. Right by da BEACH!


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