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Lockn’ Adds Bill Kreutzmann, Lettuce and more Umphrey’s

With the sad news that Bob Weir will not be performing at any of his upcoming scheduled concerts, festivals like Peach Music Festival and Lockn’ had to scramble to find someone to fill an impossible void.

Last year Lockn’ called upon Trey Anastasio to fill the cancellation of Neil Young & Crazy Horse. This year Lockn’ has added Lettuce and an additional set of Umphrey’s McGee on Thursday to help ease the pain of a Weir-less Lockn’. Even more spectacular, Billy Kreutzmann will play a special debut set with a group dubbed the Locknstep Allstars.

Promoter Peter Shapiro had this to say about the changes, “When we found out that Bob Weir wouldn’t be able to make it this year, we decided to keep it all in the family by asking his brother Bill to join us at Lockn’. We are all looking forward to the premiere of Bill Kreutzmann and the Locknstep Allstars. For those of you who are curious just what Locknstep is, join us in September and we’ll all find out together.”

You won’t find any complaints here. I think the Lockn’ organizers did a phenomenal job with filling the void left by Bobby’s cancellation. Obviously the guy is legendary, and we are all upset that he won’t be performing as Furthur at Lockn’, but what can you do? Props to the organizers for thinking quick and doing the best they possibly could!

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