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Lotus and Papadosio bring Red Rocks season to a wonderful ending!

lotus talking heads

Bringing Red Rocks concert season to its near end was a electronica party for the ages as Lotus brought their friends Papadosio and Orchard Lounge to the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

As the sun began to set brightening the sky with vibrant pinks and oranges, Orchard Lounge started things off with some vinyl mixing. This was my first time seeing Orchard Lounge and was pleasantly surprised to see how the group took turns spinning records.

Once night has finally settled in, Papadosio with a full-scale screen and light production set everyone in attendance into a trance of electronic melodies and pleasurable lyrics. There was an obvious connection between the band and their fans from Colorado.


At one point lead singer, Anthony Thogmartin, could no longer contain himself and announced that Papadosio would be returning in just a few short nights to the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO on December 13th for Earth Night. Earth Night is Papadosio’s Annual winter event. This year will feature Rising Appalachia, and live painting from Amanda Sage and David Hale! More artists are to be announced.

The highlight of this set for me was when Lotus guitarist Mike Rempel joined Dosio for a rendition of their popular track “Find Your Cloud.”

Finally, with much anticipation, the lights had dimmed for the last time and Lotus were walking on the stage.

Lotus though they have made appearances at Red Rocks before this time they were doing something a little different. Playing two sets Lotus decided to have Gabriel Otto join them for the first set as they showed Colorado their “Talking Heads Deconstructed” for the very first time. Second set was billed to be a regular dance infused Lotus extravaganza.

“Talking Heads Deconstructed” was stellar! Lotus is the perfect band to be doing a representation of the Talking Heads. While staying true to their own roots and sounds; Lotus was able to provide a tasteful and respectful recreation of the Talking Heads music. From their 80’s style synth work to Gabriel Otto singing like a spot on David Bryn all the while dancing and imitating the Talking Heads front man to a T.

lotus rr

I specifically enjoyed how Lotus was able to throw their twists into some of the Talking Heads tracks. During the ending of “This Must Be the Place” the group was able to tease and incorporate their own track “Umbilical Moonrise” into the back round. Another way they did this was during “Once in a Lifetime” where Otto says, “Now here comes the twister,” before the entire band broke down into a funk groove that was much different then the original version of the track.

For the second Lotus set, the band didn’t miss a beat. Picking up off of the first set closing “Crosseyed and Painless,” Lotus went right into “Kodiak” followed by a over 10 minute “Suitcases.”

During this set Lotus took a form of which I have never had the pleasure of experiencing. They were rocking out, they were funking out, and the crowd was freaking out!

The encore couldn’t of been any better. First they played “Sunset of the Giant Dipper” and ended the night with “Once in a Lifetime.” There was a feeling of importance as they ended with that specific song. It was like the band was telling us what you have seen tonight was something special. This isn’t something we are going to touring on and bringing around for everyone to see, but that this night was in fact “Once in a Lifetime.”

lotus greenfield shred


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