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Lotus @ The Beacham Orlando Review

source: The Beacham's Facebook

Lotus played their first show in Orlando, Fl last night and DubEra was there to witness it. I had won tickets from the Beacham’s e-mail contest and spent the entire day drinking Abita Mardi Gras on draft (definitely recommend this beer) to prime myself for the concert. I stumbled in to The Beacham around 9pm to catch the last few songs of The Malah’s set. They sounded great and got the bones loose for the dance party that was soon to explode.

Lotus hit the stage around 10pm and the exuberant lights enticed the crowds excitement. Though not a sold out show, the comfortable crowd enjoyed their room and everyone was dancing, shouting and hopping around like it was a festival. Unfortunately the “club” venue meant a lack of marijuana smoke getting passed around, but it didn’t ruin anyone’s time by any means. Lotus started building their set with “Harps” and continued to blaze through jams including “Wax” and an awesome cover of Deadmau5’s “Ghosts & Stuff”.

The set came to a high point during the “Bellwether” jam finale. The band brought the energy up and down keeping the crowd on their toes and literally screaming for more when they waved fair-well. Luckily for us the band came back out for an encore and performed “Age of Inexperience” which satisfied most of the audience, although I’m sure most of us could have stayed another couple of hours and enjoyed the experience they gave us.

Setlist:Harps Bush Pilot Shimmer & Out -> Ghosts N’ Stuff* -> Shimmer Golden Ghost Blender Wax IACTMN -> Livingston Storm Middle Road Bellwether -> Moonset -> Bellwether

E: Age of Inexperience


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