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Marley (2012): What I learned from the new documentary…

While Bob Marley is one of the world’s most celebrated musicians, before about a month ago he didn’t have a great documentary made about him. Now we have one. Marley is everything you want it to be and more. It makes you laugh, jerks a tear and above all educates you damn well on the artist we all love. From his love life to his involvement in politics, from his earliest workings to his last show, Marley covers it all. I’ve put together a series of fun facts I learned from watching the documentary below.

If you want your viewing experience to be more of a learning experience, I recommend not reading these. However, the mere 13 facts I’ve put together do nothing for the exclusive interviews, video, audio, pictures and insight on the world’s most interesting musician. Whether it be a snapshot of him with the Jackson 5 or rare footage and audio from his concert with Stevie Wonder, Marley is a phenomenal film that should be watched by all music lovers.

1. The Wailers first single was called “Simmer Down”

2. Bob’s mom was black and his dad was white. The song “One Love” is a reference to being both black and white and it essentially not mattering.

3. Bob Marley & Desmond Dekker worked at a factory together.

4. Bob was treated like an outkast due to his mixed race

5. Rastafarians treat marijuana like a sacrimental food. It is not simply taken to “get high” but to be put in a spiritual, happy and holy place.

6. Bob Marley used to grow weed in America

7. Bob Marley & The Wailers started their own record label because labels didn’t pay artists back then. The label was called Wail Soul.

8. Bunny Wailer left the Wailers because their label booked them at “freak clubs” (where people did immoral things).

9. Peter Tosh left the Wailers because he felt he needed more recognition and respect.

10. Bob Marley’s daughter, Cidella, is kinda hot.

11. Bob’s wife, Rita, was a part of the I-Three (the three background singers that were in the second version of the Wailers).

12. Bob had 11 children from 7 different relationships.

13. In 1978, the Jamaican government “begged” Bob to come back to Jamaica to bring peace and heal the political division.


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