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Michal Menert – Even If It Isn’t Right (Review)

Michal Menert unleashes 27 songs of hip-hop tempo, soul-sampling, funk-filled glitch hop that is sure to please fiending fans who have been waiting since the 2010 release of his first LP “Dreaming of a Bigger Life”. The album starts of with a carefully sampled introduction that sets the tone for one of the most interesting electronic music that will be released this year.

While the first few tracks sound like the illest hip-hop beats you’ve ever blessed your ears with, Menert’s brand of Pretty Lights Music stands perfectly on its own. “The Golden Rule” sounds like an upbeat Moby masterpiece. The bluesy vocals, chainsaw bass, flutes and epic violins piece together like a film score. Between the choppy effects and unconventional instruments, the listener is constantly engaged. Menert is careful to not overuse vocals and samples, which keeps the music chill and out of your face (as opposed to “in your face”).

Once you get to track 6, you get to hear some of the collaborative work Menert has done with some of his fellow artists. DVS, SuperVision, Outlet and Paul Basic are all giving co-production credits on the tracks. “Out Of This World” (co-produced with SuperVision) sounds like a new age Doors driven keyboard classic with a Led Zeppelin’s groove. Of course, it is produced on a computer, but it certainly doesn’t take away from the soul of the record.


Menert continues to kick out the dreamy jams as the album plays on. From the guitar driven “Solar Overdrive” (Co-produced with DVS) to the chilled-out “Words Unspoken”, you are given a magnificent display of everything he loves about music. “Bloodletting” plays like a futuristic Marvin Gaye / James Brown collab, ” “The Ride” takes you inside a ’77 Cadillac, “Heart Chase Summer” serves as a coffee-shop interlude, and “Circuit Whispers” is a legitimate cooled-out take on dubstep.

Another intriguing part about this super-record, is its streamlined playback. The transition from “Words Unspoken” to “Drift By” (co-produced with Outlet) allow the songs build off eachother’s momentum. It is taking the never-stop-playing attitudes of Jam Band and DJ culture and throwing them in a blender. More eclectic and organic than a DJ mix, but millenniums beyond any Jam Band that thrived during your parent’s generation.

The talented producer shows his eclectic music taste as you hear bits and pieces of jazz, soul, hip-hop, rock, electronica, world music and more carefully massaged to make sense in unison. It’s a really beautiful thing that the Pretty Lights Music Label has created. In a scene conquered by spastic Dubstep and 128 bpm electro-house, they have managed to create a production dynasty by inventing their own brand of electronic music. With no regard for what makes “sense” to the average person, they continue to push the boundaries of what we know and create what we love.

To Download this album, and every other album in the Pretty Lights Music catalog, please visit the Pretty Lights Music Label website.

Favorite Tracks: “Hi”, “Words Unspoken”, “Drift By”, “Bloodletting”, “A New Beginning”, “Winters End”


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