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NEW MUSIC: Flying Lotus feat. Kendrick Lamar – Never Catch Me [Hip-Hop, Downtempo]

flying lotus kendrick

Flying Lotus has one of the most anticipated releases of the year coming out on October 6. Warp Records is doing a phenomenal job with the roll out of content with this one along with the new Aphex Twin album.

This song is exactly everything you could want from the pairing. Experimental/Cali vibes to create some absolutely forward-thinking hip-hop that was not influenced by Yeezus. Where Yeezus went techno, FlyLo goes jazz.

The progressive jazz influence is absolutely undeniable with this tune, so if seeing the name Herbie Hancock wasn’t enough, rest assured that this album will have more musicianship than your average jam album while still pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

All hail the Flying Lotus…


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