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NEW MUSIC: ill-Esha – Alltitude Sickness Ep


Ill-esha just released a new ep titled “altitude sickness”. She has grown on me as a producer in the past year. Equipped with a real smooth and groovy sound that will still get your head rockin at elevated speeds, her tracks emit quality in both areas of sound and style. Everything I’ve heard so far from the new ep is sounding great. Here is another cool tid bit from the press release that impressed me as well.

“To top it off, each track is decorated with her own personal vocal samples that cascade through your bones as they vibrate in sync with her animated basslines.”

You can snag her full new ep on beatport RIGHT HERE. Check a track from the new ep below. Ill-esha described this new song as a “sparkly wonk” track.

Full tracklist: 1. Altitude Sickness 2. Arctic Shadows (with sAuce) 3. Capricious Nights 4. Idle Heart 5. Oxytocin

I suggest jamming this tune first thing in the morning for whatever your morning routine is. It’s bound to get the day going smooth.



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