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NEW MUSIC: Kraak and Smaak’s new album is smooth, catchy and danceable

kraak smaak

Kraak and Smaak – Chrome Waves (For fans of Miike Snow, Hot Chip and Disclosure)

Kraak and Smaak came on to my radar with their song, the one which kicks off this new LP, “The Future is Yours.” The Futurizm remix is incredible. This stream landed in my e-mail over the weekend, and naturally it has taken until now for me to click on the 2 links to get there, but I’m glad I did.

In the Disclosure age of popular electronic music, it’s no wonder Vice / Thump are holding tight to their Kraak and Smaak stream. These 11 tracks are fun, poppy, 80s, danceable, remind me of Miike Snow, hip, trendy and the most important: GOOD MUSIC. So check it out, come up with your own adjectives and tell your friends. [soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

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