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NEW MUSIC: Pretty Lights – Around the Block (Music Video) + Album Release Date

As Derek takes the stage at Coachella tonight, fans at home will take to YouTube to peep the two new videos he just dropped. One fan on the Pretty Lights Family Facebook put it as a “Double Whammy” and I couldn’t agree more!

Firstly, he officially released the music video for “Around the Block” ft. Talib Kweli which I must say is one of the dopest music video’s i’ve seen in a while. A soundboard rip was released after Ultra but stoked to see he waited for a video to give us full quality. The cinematography is on point and it keeps you entranced the whole way through. Check it out! (Warning: might make you a little dizzy, but totally worth it)

Snag the new track here at PLMusic Website

Secondly, he released a teaser video for his new album titled “A Color Map of the Sun”. This highly anticipated album will be released July 2nd, 2013, a date that will make all of his fans extremely happy since it has been 2 years in the works. Along with the album, all of the footage taken during the process will be put into a documentary which I’m super stoked to see. Take a look at the Documentary Trailer below!

Bonus: Track-listing for “A Color Map of the Sun”



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