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NEW MUSIC: SBTRKT feat. ASAP Ferg – Voices In My Head [Electronica, Hip-Hop]


With SBTRKT’s new album on the heels of release, peep the newest song, a collab with ASAP Ferg. Here’s what the man himself had to say about the track…

heres another song from my upcoming album. this track was started in London (with an idea i recorded on an upright piano) – took this to Los Angeles (set up at Fleas the Boat studio in Silver Lake) collaborating further with Stella (drums) & Emily (vocals) from Warpaint – took this back to london to work more arrangement ideas to it and finally a couple months later took that to New York (Downtown – The Roots were in the studio next door!) and collaborated with Ferg (out to our friend Callender for connecting us) this is one of my fave tracks and seemed to be a fitting ending to the record too. this started with me having a seed idea but seeing it grow way beyond that with these multi layers of collaboration and places. shout to ferg, stella and emily for their input!


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