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Nicky Romero: ‘Nothing Toulouse’ At Governors Beach Club

The end of the summer concert season at Governors Beach Club went out with a BANG as Nicky Romero blasted the faces off of a sold out crowd, with some great support from John Dahlback and Vicetone.

To start, the vibes were different right off the bat. Even at 5:30 during one of the early sets the small crowd packed themselves against the rail and set the tone for the evening, going crazier from one song to the next.

Also, taking a proactive approach to the fallout from the tragedy at Electric Zoo, there were members of a “Support Team” walking around in yellow t-shirts handing out notices saying “Thanks for an amazing 2013 season!” on one side, and on the other it outlined the venue’s expectations for personal responsibility while partying safe, and informing everyone free water was available at all bars.

Back to the music, the young duo from The Netherlands, Vicetone, whipped the crowd into a frenzy quickly and it was apparent these evening was going to be about much more than the headliner. Coming off an early performance at TomorrowWorld, Vicetone’s Ruben den Boer said getting to play a night set in front of the electrified New York crowd was the highlight of the group’s weekend. Their performance was high energy and I always love seeing when DJs look like they’re having as much fun as the crowd.

John Dahlback was also one I had never seen before but he didn’t disappoint. The fact I didn’t know any of his songs really didn’t matter as he keep the momentum of the night flowing in the same direction, taking the audience a little bit higher with every track. By the time he was done I was kind of blown away we hadn’t seen the headliner for the evening, crowds don’t go that crazy that often.

Finally the room went black and a chant of “Nicky! Nicky! Nicky!” broke over the audience loud enough everyone still left in the Wal Street district on a Saturday night probably heard it. I saw Romero perform a month ago at Life In Color, and the set he dropped at the Beach Club…what’s the easiest way to say this…took a massive shit on his paint party set. He came out guns blazing, playing one huge banger after the next, working his hits later into his set well after he already had the crowd hooked on every transition he was making. For everyone seeing him today at TomorrowWorld, they are in for a treat, Nicky’s coming to party.

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