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Northern Nights Music Festival 2014 – 10 Most Anticipated Sets

1:) Odesza


2.)Two Fresh This wouldn’t be a decent list without the two fresh brothers, and we have a very special.. Monozygotik X HeRobust X Two Fresh video to show the brothers some love. peep the video and get excited for Two Fresh this coming Northern Nights!

3.)Made In Heights


4.)Dimond Saints


5.)Lafa Taylor




7:) Viceroy Go with Viceroy… because you can’t go wrong with a summertime, all the time. Heat up with his tasty pop tracks, including remixes of Nelly, Will Smith, Gaga, Marone 5, and my favorite.


8.)Beats Antique We sat down with Beats at Electric Forest to catch up, talk about their musical talents, the new albums, and some other random things that were quite comical.

9.)Zion I


10.)The Floozies Finnally finishing off the count down with a must, THE FLOOZIES! Sunrise, Sunset, who knows? The Floozies have been on a steady climb for awhile! Now we look forward to the Northern Nights Floozies set.


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