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Orlando Takes Part In A PANTyRAID

When South Africa met Los Angeles, and came to Orlando.


South-African-born Martin Folb, a.k.a. MartyParty, teamed up with Oooah (Josh Mayer from LA’s Glitch Mob) back in 2009 to begin producing as PANTyRAiD. Needless to say, it has been a wild ride since. Garnering glowing reviews from industry leaders like New York Cool, URB, and XLR8R, PANTyRAiD has been creeping up the charts (and skirts) of cities around the country. And Orlando, FL is no exception as the duo brought their PillowTalk tour into town.


Last night’s show at The Beacham, a downtown hotspot, was incredible and unexpected, to say the least. Before the show started, we expected some trap would be on deck (especially with PANTyRAiD’s opener going absolutely nuts, and dropping a HARD Tom’s Diner remix). But nothing could have prepared us for the all-out bass barrage that sent us – and everyone else – reeling from the get-go. There was no escape from the crunch, grit, and grime that dominated the set, and The Beacham could hardly contain the noise as trap-shocked hooligans of all ages were bathed in Brooklyn beats (both DJs showed up in matching BROOKLYN jerseys, as usual, and high socks).


The bass was bad and the booty-shaking was beautiful as PANTyRAiD brought out trapped-up versions of older favorites like Beba and Upset, and wrapped up with Superior, the title track of an EP released in 2011. Check out more photos from the show HERE.

PANTyRAiD is represented by I Dreamt Last Night, and Shoot to Kill Music, and their newest album PillowTalk is out for purchase at major music retailers. A free track from this album, “Brooklyn Angel” (no doubt a nod to Folb’s hometown) is available for download at THIS LINK.

words by Taylor Cleary

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