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Papadosio Jams Through Florida With New Production (Photos + Video)

Florida has mad love for Papadosio. This uplifting electronic jam band really hits the heart and makes you feel good after watching a show. Fans show out in big numbers when the band comes through the sunshine state. We caught the Ft. Lauderdale show at Culture Room and it was a slam packed. Wall to wall people, good music, good beer, and lots of familiar faces made the night one to remember. The band is touring with a new production rig as well to top it off. You can always count on Papadosio for an amazing musical display but in recent years they have developed the expectation of amazing visuals as well. They delivered.

Here is the setlist

We really enjoyed some of the jams from the show. Below is our photos and a video from our friends at Cheesehead Productions so you can check out what you missed. The tour is still going strong so be sure to catch one of the shows if you can.


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