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Papadosio Played Tallahassee Last Night, Plays 4 More FL Shows This Week

Words by Jeremy Nicholson


Papadosio at AURA Music & Arts Festival

Last night Papadosio kicked off their Imaginal Cells Fall tour in Tallahassee at the Sidebar Theater alongside Asian Teacher Factory and Fungle Junk.

Fungle Junk, Tally locals, started off the night and were a great addition to the concert with their smooth funky jazz jams that make you feel like you’re in New Orleans.

The vibe would change for the rest of the night with Asian Teacher Factory taking the stage. They’re usually a three-man band, but were accompanied by Papadosio bassist Rob McConnell. The band surprised me, not knowing much about them I didn’t know what to expect. They’re a progressive, psychedelic synth-rock band with little-to-no vocals. The heavy drumbeats of Miles Cramer definitely caught my attention the most. Asian Teacher Factory was impressive to say the least and set the mood perfectly.

The venue filled up while the highly anticipated Papadosio was preparing the stage and going through sound check. The smell of fresh herb filled the air and the lights were dimmed. Papadosio came out playing “Garden” from To End the Illusion of Separation.

The band played a strong mixture of songs from their catalog, satisfying older fans with songs like “All I Knew” and “The Eyes Have Eyes” while also catering to the newer Papa-D lovers. The band played multiple songs from their most recent project, Night & Day (Live). “Cloud Found,” which I personally was looking forward to the most, saw the band reach into the depths of improve to execute jamtronica to a level usually reserved for acts like the Disco Biscuits and Lotus.

Papadosio played a two-hour set from 12-2 am creating an epic evening of psychedelic electro-jams. They have 5 more stops in Florida hitting up Orlando, St. Pete, Ft Lauderdale, Jacksonville and Gainesville.


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