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Pretty Lights Music Releases Eliot Lipp’s “Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake” (Free Album Do

Today, Pretty Lights Music is releasing the new Eliot Lipp album Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake. This release has Lipp breaking new ground with his ever-evolving production style. He has developed a unique sound that is completely its own yet sticks with the PLM axiom of genre bending originality. The album incorporates everything that has recently been in Lipp’s sonic world, including hip-hop, drum & bass, funk, techno, jazz, and more, while still remaining a cohesive whole. This album demonstrates a side of Lipp’s sound that is heavier and more aggressive, with tracks that build tension and suspense, while still maintaining an underlying humor. “Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake is an album where classy hip-hop meets eighties dance party. The synths are cool, and the samples are smooth.” – Derek Vincent Smith (founder of PLM and producer behind Pretty Lights)

Download the entire album at by clicking this link. It will also be available on vinyl at You can expect us to have a review of the album as soon as it sinks in with a few listens!


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