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Purple Hatters Ball Countdown: THE MALAH

So DubEra will be represented at Purple Hatters and we’re damn excited to get in the woods. This weekend we will get to experience a solid bunch of talented acts at the fairest price you could ever ask for in a music festival. The Malah, Greenhouse Lounge, Break Science, Dubconcious and more will all join us in the Suwannee this weekend. We just did an interview and Snowball recap collab with Break Science and now we’re going to give the spotlight to some artists we are looking forward to seeing.. Today we start with The Malah.

The Malah have been making big waves in the live electronic music scene. This innovative trio is hitting the road and captivating ears across the country with their organic electro sound. From the warm outdoor stages in Florida to the late night clubs in Colorado, The Malah leaves each audience wanting more of their high energy live performance and stimulating light show. Mixing rich, earthy atmospheres with electrifying rhythms, The Malah explore the meeting point of cutting-edge technology and ancient musical theory. Creating a unique sound that is praised in both the “Jam” and “Electronica” communities. The music is constantly evolving and brings together influences from Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, and World Beat to Dubstep, Trance, and Breakbeat. Using their music as a tool to send a positive message of love and harmony, The Malah has become known for giving their fans an uplifting musical experience. The Malah has played alongside STS9, Disco Biscuits, Lotus, Shpongle, Conspirator, Umphrey’s McGee, EOTO, Bluetech, Bonobo, Pnuma Trio, Big Gigantic, Pretty Lights … and many more. With their third full length studio CD on the way and an action packed tour schedule, The Malah continue to push the boundaries of live electronic music performance. See you on the dance floor!

You can stream some songs on their website, listen and purchase to 8 complete releases from The Malah by heading over t0 there Bandcamp or download free complete live sets. If you’re not very clicky, you can just watch and listen to some music below via youtube!





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