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Reading Festival 2013 – 150 Tons Of Rubbish Left Behind

Last weekend Reading Music Festival shocked the United Kingdom and some of the world with a disturbing reality. The destructive storm left behind at this years Reading Festival grounds looks like the after effects of a hurricane. Last weekend England’s longest running rock festival hosted the typical three day event for 90,000 party seekers. The results are quite sobering, 150 tons of trash have been estimated to have been left behind.

Beers Cans, Cigarettes Butts, Nitrous Canisters, Camping Gear and more are all that remain from this years event. As an American Festival seeker I am quite familiar with the “Clean Vibes” movement, and “Leave No Trace Behind”. Places like Burning Man host an equal amount of attendees, yet don’t have to clean up small landfills when the event is over. Is this the result of a wasteful generation?

1 million pints of lager consumed, a running history of setting cars and tents on fire. Reading this year I’m sure was a grand time. Hosting big names like System of a Down, Eminem, Pheonix, Skrillex, and more. I did however decide to sell my Reading Festival tickets due to an arguable weather forecast. However after these images surfaced showing the sheer devastation that was left behind, I feel better about not attending. As someone who loves to photograph music festivals, this event doesn’t look picture perfect. Understanding Ticket prices are higher partly to cover the cost of cleaning everything up. Some commented that there wasn’t enough rubbish bins provided. What do you think? Blame the venue, Blame the attendees, or is this to be expected at every Music Festival? It’s personally saddening to think this filth will be added to the laundry list of “negatives” that festivals have already garnered, including drug use and even deaths at recent events. enlighten us and we give all image credits to them.


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